Sermon Series: “Getting Smashed for Jesus”

I wanted to share this sermon from one of my favorite scholars, Dr. Walter Brueggemann. Pastoral ministry, like any job, provides its share of opportunities for pain and heartache, unmet expectations and relational disappointments. I appreciate Walter’s concern to help us all understand the value of some of the “smashings” we’ve all endured. Grace to you…DG


Read sermons from additionalspeakers provided to TIME by the Festival.

Have you ever, as a preacher, had a good idea, and then looked for a good biblical text to fund it?…I thought so…Well, you are probably not the last preacher who will do that. And you are certainly not the first to do it. Consider Paul. He wanted to write his vexed church in Corinth. He saw that they had confused major matters and minor items, majoring in minor stuff to the neglect of major stuff. They were preoccupied with class distinctions, differences between Jewish and Gentile folk, arguments about circumcision, and right food, insiders and outsiders, even some lawsuits, all the usual stuff that makes for church quarrels. Paul wants to call them out. But you could not just do that, especially from a remote distance by a letter.

He had to find a biblical text. You can…

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